Wednesday, January 4, 2012

moments of gratitude

Every day life can quickly creep in and cause us to forget the moments of gratitude we find amidst daily living.  This morning it was discoveirng my "lost" debit card on third search of my wallet- just before the call to the bank and all the inconveniences that would put into action.

thank you lord for hesitation and eyes to see on the third look.

Last week it was the provision of 2" rigid foam within my budget.  I wanted to make a gap filler for my sewing machine table, a  4 x 6 sheet costs $30.  My budget was $10.  I "just happened" to spot a stray piece at HD and when asked it was marked down to $10 and has now met my needs with leftovers to spare.

Thank you for provision within my means.

For years I have struggled to commit to exercise.  About a month ago my husband and I had yet another conversation about the need for exercise in our life.  At some point following that conversation I sensed a heart change within.  I no longer think of dusting the elliptical, rather I am looking forward to my time keeping it greased.  Compettion between the youngest and I have helped to motivate us both to strive longer and farther.

A new trashcan location greeted me when i returned from vaction- front and center of the kitchen.  Logistically it was great, estecially,not so much.  My can had no lid and was several years old.  Long overdue for replacement so the trash could be covered I balked at the thought of paying $50+ for a nice new metal one with lid.  As I walked through Sam's club i started to consider how high i was willing to go as theirs were right at $50.  Then I noticed a dented one on the scratch and dent rack- half price!  Score- home we went, worked on some dents, found a spot where the dent isnt front and cneter and my kitchen trash can has once again been relocated closer and I am at ease with price paid.

Thank you for timely visits to scratch and dent racks that meet both need and wants and budget.

I have been looking for activities to help us get out of the house routinely now that we are not in a co-op.  Thursdays now have homeschool swim time in the closest rec center, swim lesons offeredn next month.  We begin today and piggyback it with our vision therapy appt.

Thank you for organizing our opportunities when we are uncertain of how to pull it together.

Our daughter has been away at camp all summer.  She goes to school locally and needs a job to pay for expenses.  It was with great joy that after working 4-5 days before camp that they told her tocall  when she was ready to return after camp.  She is back to work again and the schedule seems to be flexible enough to work around her school schedule.

Thankyou for employers that understand summer camp and are willing for wait for you to return.

We were traveling to NY and home again.  The trip north went well and on the first night we found ourselves on the border of NY.  The trip home we were able to make it home in 18.5 hours, thus giving us an extra day of rest before reentering life as "normal" .  Not sure when the roads came together to make it possible but all of a sudden the trip to NY is not the daunting 20+ hours long.

Thank your for road engineers and highways that make passages through Ohio and allowing us to not have to drive through big big citiies and tons of traffic.

Amidst daily life it is easy to develop short thinking- I am happy to pause and think about the many blessings and joys in my life.

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