Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New posts

A friend's message has caused movement - a good thing.  I thought that I had not written for months, only to find that the reality is that I had written, just not posted, so today I have swamped the blog with all my old posts that were not seen only written.
As this year begins it, as most, comes with a sense of opportunity and clean slate.  Our christmas letter was themed :change, for that seems to be the season we are in.  As I look ahead I can anticipate what might come but having lived more than 4 decades with many unexepected twists and turns to our story there is much unknown that the year ahead may hold. 
Sunday's sermon spoke to the idea of resolution and how it is so often man centered.  yet we are God created people, and who knows better our center and our needs for the season ahead than our creator.  So, this year instead of trying to determine what I should do I am asking the God of the Universe to guide me in the changes He would have me make.  Just as I found Him to change my heart to exercise, so I anticipate him changing some other things within me in the months ahead.  I am spending the next 40 days rereading and listening close as I work my way through The Purpose Driven Life.
  My husband and I were blessed with a new devotional and we are using that to share life together daily.  It has been good - Love Talk is the title.

This month I anticipate - new information on my husbands brain- it has been a year of knowing he is living with MS and this week we get a "lets see how it is really going" MRI.  Not sure what is ahead but this may be a signposts.  We continue with green smoothies and seeking to increase health naturally along with my periodic opportunities to legeally shoot him!  (talk about God moments - this comes from a needle fearing girl who by God's strength now gives injections!)

This month we also watch our middle son move from boy to recruit to Marine!  He has been away for 10 weeks.  The house has been quiet, peacefully so.  The food lingers in the fridge.  We watch and wait for letters and gather around to savor words from afar.  I think I will miss the letter writing when he is released and has phone privilidges, hmmm may still have to keep it up.  We have heard of heart change and seen it indicated by his words.  soon we shall get to live with him and see how and what the transformation has reprioritized in his head and heart. 

This month our daughter returns to college- only one in college now.  The all too short semester break is soon over and the pace will pick up.  I shall miss having her about the house, watching her creativity flow.  I am sure she brings life to her work and the people there- she inspried a skirt day and word is one of the guys donned a sport skirt jsut for the fun of it- over his jeans!

The eldest is in a season of waiting- college is done for this season and he is waiting for the first real job- thankfully his part time work continues.  He remains creative as he waits- building and creating.  Presently working on motion control switch for our garage streetlight- fun!  (I think he may be tired of stumbling in a dark garage).  He is a published creator- - fun!

And with the new year I must return to my day job.  My student reluctantly awaits the start of his education.  Winter break was all too short for him, he pleaded for another week as the dust was burning off his brain witha  afew math problems.  Time to hit the books hard again and explore ancient history, creation and art!  Time to fill the exercise log that has only seen limited use over the holidays.  Time to live life together as we move through the year ahead!

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