Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Heart change makes all the difference

Throughout our married life the issue of exercise has been a sore topic. Paul exercised, I hardly at all. There have been seasons of Jazzercize, a short running class and several months of TTapp. Each has been good, rewarding and yet work without alot of enjoyment.

Last month, after returning from a trip to CA, I had another conversation about exercise with my husband. The reality of the impact of my life upon the family was noted. The need for me to be strong and healthy and his partner in this season of life was revealed. I had not realized how what I did really had a ripple effect. Sometime following that conversation the Lord shifted things in my heart and I chose to engage in exercise.

I have since kept the previously dusty elliptical well dusted. I started slow- 10 min walk,slowly moved up to 12.5 min. I don't rush because I know pain and I are not friends. As the weeks passed I started to post goals on the sliding glass window that I look out as I work. Today I have passed my 15 min goal and once again worked for 20 min, started using a program to increase resistance and went 1.3 miles. No records set, no major marathon run, but a routine is setting in. An enjoyment in rising to the challenge and sweating hard. I find I look forward to M,W,F,Sa workouts in the morning.

There have been other benefits- with my exercise I am now challenging the youngest to work on the elliptical. For him, a challenge is a goal to rise to, competition will drive him forward. My head is now focused upon exercise so it gets proper attention in his life as well as mine. Daily we are working on physical things that have been long ignored.

Heart change- a small thing but a huge in impact. I continue to be amazed at the work that God has done within so simply and quietly.

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