Saturday, December 22, 2012

A list to pursue

Earlier this year I was reading about a Bucket List- and thought about how i would rather have a life list- things i want to do with my list.  I am visual and a list maker, I find that when i make a list I accomplish more, perhaps it helps me focus, perhaps it helps me file it in my brain a bit better.

As I publish this on 12/22/2012  I am surprised by all that I have done since first writing this.

1. Run a 5k  (Monte Sano 2012) (UAH 2013- walked it except for photo ops :)  )
2. Raise chickens and get eggs in my backyard ( The Union shop is in full operation with 6 employees)
3. Enter a quilt in a quilt show ( i have sent in submission to be considered, perhaps??)
4. See the grand canyon
 5. Spend a week in a cabin by a lake
 6. Learn to apply makeup, the right way (Youtube to the rescue, why did i not think of it sooner?)
7. Take computer classes
8. Learn how to fully use my I- stuff
9. Visit a zoo (we had fun at the Nashville zoo in October 2012, and hope to go to B'ham zoo soon)
10. Hike part of the AT ( I hiked all 1.3 miles from parking lot to top of spriner mtn GA- woo hoo! 10/12)
 11. Campout under the stars
12. Spend a night in my hammock
 13. Enjoy the aura boreal is
 14. Drive a fun car
 15 go out for fancy dessert
 16 buy a lottery ticket
 17 make a fountain for my garden
 18 lay a garden path
 19 pick berries with a friend ( blueberries last year, blackcaps with my sister this)
 20 learn to grow onions (found mature onions in the garden and did it again this year! yipee!)
21 get a pedicure- (got one for my man's return- lasted almost a month, was kind of fun)
22 get a manicure, not during gardening season
23 read or listen to war and peace, or watch the movie, if one was made
24 make baked Alaska again
25 read through the new testament
 26 learn to do proper situps, and be able to do 25

Still many things to work on, living lots of life these days, joyfully falling into bed tired in the night and doing a bit of dreaming as i find my life no longer full of kinder underfoot or under the roof .  A new season of life awaits ...