Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Change is all around us

As we move into another fall season I look around and see change all around us.  The garden season has passed, without much to show for the early spring labors.  That has inspired change- I am moving boxes and taking my eclectic garden to task and bringing order to it- straight rows and space between boxes.  Decay set into some of the wood and it is now curbside.  Ahead is a reworking of the water system and order reestablished. 

Homeschooling has taken a different focus- I am tracking time spent by subject- h/s credits must be supported.  We have shifted gears to life skill learning and prep for adult life that will be upon us sooner than we expect.  Therapy has gotten prime attention - both physical/ occupational as well as a new addition - vision therapy.  From first days I can see this need is long overdue to be addressed, so we begin.

The neighborhood has changed- no one has left but change has occurred anyway.  where once the bus came for high schoolers, it runs no longer.  Where once there were many homeschoolers about, the numbers are less this year.  Watching the young men seek out adult lives, children settle into classroom living and moms adjust to new schedules change is upon us all.

I am working my way up to 30 min of exercise 3 x a week.  Presently I am on week 3 of elliptical life, and enjoying it.  This morning I challenged the youngest to beat me on his 10 min- he countered with a 15 min  time option and made my time in 13 min.!  Motivation found for him- seek to beat Mom and throw in a carrot and he is up and walking/ jogging.  I am thankful for whoever invented ipods and their convenience to use while exercising.  yeah for external speakers and no longer fighting with headphones that want to self eject!

We are now about 6 weeks out from reality that MS is part of our lives for now.  I think we are adjusting ok.  Smoothies- check, supplements- check, exercise- check, healthy diet- check, slowing down- trying hard.  living today and not stressing about things beyond our control- trying.  Quirky stuf comes and goes, always glad to hear it has passed and not left a lingering reminder of its presence.  We are getting the meds routine down and also seeking God for strength and healing amidst the things we see to do. 

It looks like I may lose my comic relief child come October.  It seems far away but it could be way too soon.  He has been handy to have around the house to help me with tasks.  Today he blessed me by volunteering to conquer the lawn on his own.  I see him face the challenge of PT and come home sore and wiped, excited about what the Marines will hold.  I dont think of the loss of his feet under the table or the sound of him breezing through the house with his earphones sharing thier ?music?, those things will come in time and we will adjust.  For now I am prepping for the cheese to move, anticipating it but not yet ready to rejoice in that one. 

I will rejoice in the strength the Lord has given me to - give shots,  to keep getting up and exercising, for wisdom in schooling and to live today, today.