Wednesday, February 16, 2011


For several years we have heard about a couple who had wanted to buy the house we live in- yet we were the ones chosen by the sellers.  We heard of their disappointment and sadness, we thought of the journey they were spared.  We knew of them, yet never knew them or even who these folks were.  Last week that changed.  As only the Lord of the Universe can do he drew our lives together and my thoughts slowly put together bits of gleaned information and at the end of a meeting I asked a question that confirmed my suspishion.

With that came revelation.  The Lord of the Universe truly is aware of our lives.  He opens and closes doors, guides us , says yes to some things and protects us from others.  The couple I speak of are being  used by the Lord to lead worship.  For the past several years they have been busy in a new body, one that we are now a part of, and seeing people come to know of the Lord through the work going on there.  Had the Lord not protected them from purchasing this house their lives would not have had the room to be used for body purposes.  And as that understanding came so did the reality that for some reason God allowed us to purchase this house, be put on the anvil by it and see His provision in the midst of each event.  If you have not followed there have been many events.

Somehow this small meeting of folks has helped my heart and head cope a bit with the reality of ownership of our Pretty House.  It guided me as I spoke to my God yesterday while meeting with a foundation man... yes, there is more work to be done not for pretty sake but stability sake.  I found myself asking that again He find some way to provide for what will be needed for the future repairs, even now I am realizing that is not only financial but also the inner strength and emotional energy for what lays ahead.

I don't think that when we have prayed in the past that our lives would glorify the Lord that we had any inkling of what they would look like.  That what it would cost- everything, and how short sighted we so easily become to how God is in our midst routinely.  And yet somehow in the midst of our mess he is shining through our cracks.  He is drawing folks and we are sharing life and His love.  We sense Him, as do others.