Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It has been a busy few weeks, lots of folks, activity and therapy. Amidst all that I have found time to stitch and quilt. Yesterday as I finished up a baby quilt I realized that I had hit quilt burnout- I was tired of quilting- my hands were tired of stitching. Yet as I write this in the early hours of the day, maybe it is just that I am weary from all the activity that our life has held.

We have joyfully welcomed guests, more guests and a repeat guest in the last two weeks. We have repaired a chimney, worked in the garden and continued a daily therapy routine that has promising results, some already seen. And we have lived normal life. I find myself falliing into bed each night bone weary, just too much living maybe??? Yet, except for the chimney repair afternoon I dont know that any of it would be denied given the choice.

My daughter is off on her first road adventure, and it was with joy that we waved goodbye, having enjoyed a few days with her friend sharing life with us. They will return on Saturday and we'll enjoy a few more fun filled days with Paula and her laughter and sweet spirit. More joy.

So as I finish the quilts before me, with joy at the blessing they will be to the ones we love, it is good to come to an end of some projects, good to rest for a bit and consider what is ahead. It will be good to take a few days a bit slower and then return renewed to home life and the activity to come.

off to kids camp we go

I am heading to camp today.... yet not. My son is heading to children's camp today for 3 days- should be alot of fun. Because of his medical condition sleep is a necessity, camp does not promote this with 10 pm bed time which equates to midnight quiet time. Not good. Our solution is - me! I will go, and provide a sleep space at 830 pm that will provide quiet and peace= a hotel room. Ahh, he does get the "good life", or spoiling as the siblings would call it. camp but a/c and hotel living!

As I approach this event it is with an bit of uncertainty, how do I as a Mom check in and monitor yet give him space to just be a camper. How will my days be filled?? will I be needed to "work" in some reguard or will they be days of ease, reading and vacationing for me??? Many unknowns, yet I will be in a new place, I will have my van and the freedom to travel to check out local spotlights if I wish, soI am sure it will all be fine.

A new adventure, a new approach- making adaptions to allow for a common childhood event - summer camp- but with a bit of creativity to meet the needs of our child's medical needs. Let the adventure begin....