Friday, October 30, 2009

resetting the clock

We went to the doctors last week and all was smooth, new meds were not a hit, so back to old meds and all seemed good.Tthen from upstairs I heard the word "seizure" up I sprang and trotted.

I missed the fullness, but was left with the aftereffects- bloody lip, 1/4 of the body not co-operating for several minutes, confusion and tears and then sleep... the sleep that erases memories. This morning no memories except listening to faithful Hank the cowdog while on a sleeping bag the floor. It was his choice of a safe place to be after the seizure. We were happy to accomadate. A good nights sleep and we start the clock again. We were up to 7 months without a major seizure- YEAH!! We press on, work on keeping sleep secure, fluids up and lots of healthy exercise along with meds. We do our part, the rest is up to God and his brain's wiring.

Epilepsy... something I thought to be far off... something i held in the back closet of our family, then the front closet, now some days it visits us in the living room or bedroom. Some days a companion. Often more like an overripe relative that you want to leave but you just can't figure out how to make it want to go. All part of the journey that we are on, learning grace, learning wisdom, learning patience and faith and trust.

Last night again I breathed a sigh of relief and my spirit a prayer of thanks for the life we have, the life extended, the briefness of the brainstorm that gave me a reason to trot upstairs and love on my son for a bit.

And so begins day 1 as the clock is reset.