Monday, November 2, 2009

the blessing of nature

This was a full weekend.

It was a birthday weekend, and a year where the blessings kept coming. They trickled in, were hinted at and meandered through two days with the grand culmination of a formal dinner prepped by our local chef, a French/Russian waiter serving and professional photographer documenting it all. A bit over the top, a bit overwhelming, A huge blessing from those who love me.

Thursday was busy with routine obligations and a missed the busy detour thrown in. My first cake awaited me- a great creation of pumpkin sitting in "dirt"- yum! Dinner was enjoyed at the mexican resteraunt nearby- Best Food Yes! they tell us and we agree. I think I barely ate the next day as the food was so good. Cake #2 was Friday afternoon snack as it was the soonest we had room for such a delight. A great appetizer for the dinner ahead.

My bear and I enjoyed a walk in the local woods... great predate activity. Nature does so much to restore me within. Leaves of all colors dancing through the air, grasses drying as they wave. So many memories of mine are connected with woods, fields and slowing the pace.

Friday night my love escorted me to the neighbors cabin where we were quickly seated by the matri di (she?). Sparkling bubbly soon followed and thus began the many courses... crab stuffed mushrooms, homemade french bread with dipping sauce, salad, artichoke, garlic sauted green beans and potatoes of choice. I thought the next course was the topper- Lobster! and oh my was it fun and delicious, but the dessert was about its equal- terimisu! YUM YUM YUM !!! all of it wonderful, delightful and a blessing. My children and the girls who children of our heart all served and blessed us with their presence and service. Matthew was our photographer, Elizabeth the su chef, Daniel our french/russian waiter, Bette and Jose his assistants and Jesse serenaded us with violin music! It ws fun to be part of both as recipeint and as bystander, hearing the kids work and play togehter in the kitchen. To enjoy their talents and willingness to serve others. To make memories together. To share a meal of such delight and blessing with friends who are as family.

What a day, what a night, what a birthday blessing. what scheming family and friends and neighbors... what a life. And the weekend was half over.

Saturday I reluctantly went to a yardsale, to bless my bear, I had other plans. Seems God may have had plans as well. We made a curiosity inquiry about a Jenn Air double wall oven that sat in the garage and were told it was free to whoever would take it away. we did a doubletake. (Our oven door glass departed us a few weeks ago and is on the slate for replacement (stove) when we get to remod.) we had talked about a wall oven. Free, 5 yr old, jenn air. hmmm... van ??? Yes, we fit it in the van and it now awaits our dreams to move to action. who would have thunk??? The rest of the day was filled with college grad for a friend... being part of the end of what was worked so hard on. And then trunk or treat...serving the community to help them have sweet memories of family time and the scent of Jesus in the midst of what can be a dark holiday. All good and busy and satisfying activities.

Sunday I awoke with a question of what to do- home or nature. I chose nature. After such a busy, busy weekend the idea of retreating to the woods seemed a salve for the harried life we lived over the past few days. We grabbed the youngest and loaded the van, and off we went. What peaceful beauty awaited us as we drove throught Tennessee countryside, walked on paths, pebble beaches and wooded lanes. We enjoyed the breezes off the lake, the decay of catfish larger than I think I knew existed, birds flying out of their wooden roost and dazzling us with their beauty. All of it renewing, bringig peace, contentment and a settling within.

So often I find that I resist going out when I am worn down. Yet when I do venture into nature I find that I am renewed. Maybe it is the sun, the breeze, the beauty???? Maybe it is just the tonic that God created it to be... it is Good!

Life returns to "normal" today... the cakes are about gone, one piece of tarimisu awaits in the fridge and the routine of the week awaits my engaging. I am ready, I have spent time rejoicing in the creation of my Lord, gazing at His beauty and resting on His day! I am blessed indeed!