Sunday, October 10, 2010

Waking to the sound of a power tool

It is 644 am and a few minutes ago I awoke to the sound of a power tool.  Work, work, hard grueling work has been happening here. A smell of mildew, dishwasher leak, floor replacement turned into reframing the support under the kitchen,bath and laundry with plumbing changes and some major structural support addition.  all discovered along the way to changing the floor out to be rid of wet wood.  Along the way more wet wood discovered and today mold behind exterior wall drywall awaits us. 

We live a life of ease, most of the time, until it is time to work on the house.  Now we eat on the front porch, which I am so glad for.  The pantry and cupboards are spread through the back porch,dining room and all the way into my room.  and the sound of power tools and hammers is continual.

Small errors ignored, short cuts and cob jobs revealed bring forth more work.  Injuries are quickly dealt with as fingers and skin get owwies and the men who are true men press on, working,sweating and encouraging one another for the job that is ahead.  how blessed we are to have guys that embrace our painful situation with us.  Who have the vision to tear up the floor and put terra firma beneath.  who ache and hurt but do not allow that to sway them to leave.  and in this day of "i deserve" they do it out of care and concern and not the greenback- for the insurance funds will cover materials, if we are fortunate.

It is not often that folks in middle class america work so hard, that we have opportunity to enjoy the community that comes with hard labor.  this week it is happening at our house.  Young men are getting a chance to learn life skills and watch men be men and work hard. 

another trip to the box store that has it all is on the horizon, time to get the paper and pen and make the list.  another day of work lies ahead.